Our Mission

Our Mission

In the ever-changing real estate market, with constant fluctuations in market value, interest rates and various trends in market conditions, it is almost impossible to know when to sell and when to buy. This is the constant nagging question that all homeowners and all potential homeowners are facing as we go through the cycle of shifting real estate markets. So what is your home worth? To evaluate the market value of one's prized possession (i,e., your home) some many factors come into play.  

These include location, upgrades, size, taxes valuation, recent comparables, market conditions and on and on. How can the average consumer really know the value of a home?

It is here that Team Lois and John, with their combined 42 years in the real estate industry, comes in!

We are not just good realtors; we are experts, who understand market value, trends and how to achieve the best in the worst market for the seller and the most for the buyer in an exploding market.  

As professional REALTORS, our years in the industry have led us to constantly weigh the pros and cons of each market to achieve success for our buyers and sellers. This is not always easy as most sellers think their home is more special than any other in their geographic area and thus, worth more than the their neighbors' homes and similarly, most buyers think every home should be sold at least 10% below asking price.  

To navigate through these complicated emotional and personal dilemmas of buyers and sellers, we have made it our mission to sit down with every potential buyer or seller and utilize straight talk, coupled with compassionate reasoning, in order to reach consensus. This, coupled with our amazing artistic knowledge of how to make a home stand out above all others, is what truly sets us apart from the rest of the real estate field. The net result and our mission is:
Our team is dedicated to providing our clients an outcome that will exceed their expectations.

To achieve this for you, just contact us and see the world of difference a call, text or e-mail can make.  

We look forward to helping you or your friends or family with your future real estate needs regardless of market conditions. Let us show you how.

Team Lois and John


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